SUVA becomes a non-profit institution

August 5, 2019

Under the terms of a conversion that was complete on January 4, 2019, Art Center, Inc. doing business as Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA) transitioned from a For Profit organization to a Not for Profit structure. The transition is a part of a long term succession plan that the founders developed to sustain the institution into the future.

"Although the organizational structure changes, our goals and mission remain the same. We are continuing to concentrate all efforts on educating students to excel in the fields of Fine Arts, Design, Advertising and Visual Communications within a student focused environment committed to the highest standards of academic achievement, scholarly inquiry, creativity and citizenship in a diverse world community."

Camden Hardy, Interim Chief Academic Officer


SUVA is proud of their history and reputation of being a forward-thinking institution, and this conversion further demonstrates their commitment to higher education. This conversion is an exciting development for the institution and puts SUVA in a position to attract grants and bring more out of state students to the Tucson and Albuquerque campuses.