The Director of Enrollment Management coordinates student services for both campuses. Included is assistance with academic advising, placement assistance, information concerning housing, transportation, childcare options, student insurance, coping skills and relevant areas that directly affect student success. Referrals are made when necessary.

A percentage of Albuquerque’s student services are administered at the main campus in Tucson, Arizona. Albuquerque students may contact the Tucson campus directly by dialing 1-800-825-8753.

Advising and referrals are available to students enrolled at Southwest University of Visual Arts. Referrals are made to various city and/or state agencies depending on the student’s needs.

Southwest University of Visual Arts cooperates with Tucson and Albuquerque agencies in their drug abuse prevention, treatment and awareness programs. For more information, contact the Director of Student Services at 520-325-0123.