COVID-19 Self-reporting Form

Students, faculty, and staff are required to report possible exposure and/or confirmed COVID-19 cases to the SUVA administration so we can take necessary steps to keep everyone safe without disrupting student learning.

Students who self-isolate as a result of possible exposure and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be provided the necessary resources to continue their coursework online throughout the duration of their quarantine.

Please submit this form to report COVID-19 related issues. You will receive a follow-up email if necessary.

Note: SUVA is committed to ensuring that your submission remains private and only will be utilized as a means to provide support and resources to the SUVA community. Your submission is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are in medical distress, please call 911. Students and employees may choose to self-disclose medical information to anyone of their choosing, but that still does not allow any representatives of SUVA to re-release or discuss that information to or with anyone else.