In the interest of acting responsibly to promote the safety of our community, SUVA has decided to match the precautionary measures of our regional colleagues and CDC advice.

While there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on either SUVA campus, the situation has evolved rapidly. The governors of both states declared states of emergency, followed shortly thereafter by President Trump. Colleges throughout Arizona and New Mexico are moving as much as possible to online teaching for the rest of spring semester in an attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In the interest of acting responsibly to promote the safety of our community, SUVA has decided to match the precautionary measures of our regional colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

I fear I won't be able to provide a portfolio that will actually allow me to pass and finish schooling. I cannot afford another semester. What then?

It is our priority that you learn what is needed to be successful. If you complete a class and feel that you did not learn what you needed or did not create work to the level you want, you can retake the course at no additional charge.

I'm not sure I will finish on time given that I'm an essential worker and I cannot focus on schoolwork. What are my options?

If possible, try to continue making progress with your work. We are aware that there will be students who will need extended time and will require an Incomplete. Some students may need a minimal amount of additional time, while others might require the summer or longer to complete requirements for this semester. Communicate with your instructor or with the Leadership Team to discuss your specific situation and what options you have.

I’m overwhelmed by thoughts of not finishing, of not doing my best, of the unknown, and of things I have no control over. What can I do?

Your Leadership Team is here to help to the best of our ability. We will talk with you about what is within your control, offer perspectives so you can consider what is happening in a larger context, and talk with you about what your options are to reduce uncertainty and anxiety as it relates to your education.

What will happen to the Summer and Fall semesters? Will they be also online or going back to campus?

The Leadership Team is developing a flexible plan for both the Summer and Fall semesters that will accommodate online and/or on-campus teaching. This flexible approach prepares us for whatever the future may bring in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the information we currently have, there is a high likelihood that our Summer classes will be online. The plan that we are currently developing for the Summer semester is focused on ways to make it the most valuable use of your time. For example, there will be an emphasis on Gen Ed and Elective courses that are being developed specifically with online modality and social distancing in mind. We will share more details about our plan for the upcoming semesters as soon as they are available.

When can I expect a schedule?

The Summer schedule will be available within the next two weeks. You will receive an email containing the schedule, and it will also be available on the website.

Is there any way I can take a break for the rest of this semester and come back in August?

Students will need to meet with the Leadership Team on an individual basis to discuss what your options are to demonstrate what is required to complete your classes and how it will affect your degree path.

What is going to happen to our supplies that we left on campus?

Your supplies are where you left them and the buildings are secure. If you are currently in need of your supplies, you can email the Leadership Team to arrange a time to return to campus to gather them. Any supplies that you do not need at this time can stay where they are unless otherwise indicated.

If we are still working remotely, how will we be able to sign up for our classes?

As soon as registration for Summer and Fall classes opens, you will receive an email from Morghan Presson, our Registrar, to schedule a phone appointment in order to walk you through the online registration process. We expect to open Summer registration within the next two weeks.

How are we expected to submit our finals? Are we still expected to provide printed copies of our work (business cards, resume, flatbooks, etc.)?

All coursework will be submitted digitally; you will not be required to print, mount or submit any work in a physical form.

How will final presentations go?

Graduating seniors will be scheduled for virtual presentations using Google Meet. Virtual presentations and interviews are commonplace within the field of Art and Design, especially for distance interviews, so (although different) this is a valuable experience. Prepare and organize your work digitally so that you can give a professional presentation using screen sharing. Work with your instructors to discuss the details of virtual presentations. If you do not have the technology to present virtually, contact Leadership to arrange access. Presentations for sophomore and junior students will be optional.

How do I fight this deep depression? How do I become motivated enough to show my teachers they didn’t waste their time with me?

If you are dealing with depression it is important that you seek help for yourself from a trained professional. Your Faculty and Leadership Team are willing to speak with any students who want to be heard or who have questions about moving forward, but we know our limitations. We are not health professionals. Please make sure that you take care of yourself first. Know that we are not judging students by their level of engagement in class or the quality of what is being created (or not) in this incredibly challenging time. This moment does not define who you are or what you can become.

Your instructors have found that the best way to keep ourselves motivated and fight depression is by keeping a routine. Maintaining a sense of structure within your day can keep you motivated and optimistic. Simple daily routines, such as setting an alarm, making your bed, eating regular meals, setting aside time for schoolwork, time for recreation and self care, and time for communicating with friends and family can create enough structure to remind you of what you are in control of. Staying connected with others during this time is imperative to remind yourself that you’re not alone in this.