Advising & Financial Aid

How SUVA can advise you

Southwest University of Visual Arts provides assistance with academic advising, placement assistance, information concerning housing, transportation, childcare options, student insurance, coping skills and relevant areas that directly affect student success. Referrals are made when necessary.

Advising and referrals are available to students enrolled at Southwest University of Visual Arts. Referrals are made to various city and/or state agencies depending on the student’s needs.

Southwest University of Visual Arts cooperates with Tucson agencies in their drug abuse prevention, treatment and awareness programs. For more information, contact the Director of Student Services at (520) 325-0123.

Financial aid

Southwest University of Visual Arts encourages students to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There is no application deadline. Southwest University of Visual Arts complies with all Federal and State regulations in the distribution of financial aid awards (see Understanding Financial Aid, U.S Department of Education).

If the student is meeting satisfactory progress standards, Financial Aid is disbursed by the appropriate office in the Student Services Department. Financial Aid funds are disbursed in a reasonable time frame after funds are received by the College. Federal Financial Aid is available to eligible students, which includes Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity grant (FSEOG) and Federal Workstudy (FWS). Please contact a Student Services Representative at for more information.

Financial aid

The Financial Net Price Calculator is a tool that can help you see how education loans and college financial aid work. Keep in mind: this calculator only provides estimates. SUVA’s financial aid administrator provides the final word on financial aid eligibility after analyzing each family's financial situation. Note: This is a federal calculation to provide you with an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid.

Net Price Calculator

Career assistance

Southwest University of Visual Arts is committed to assisting its graduates in career planning and job placement. The Placement Department actively develops and maintains relationships with employers locally and nationally.

Students and alumni are provided with career information, resume preparation assistance, job search counseling and, when appropriate, employment referrals. Graduates receive job leads for permanent and temporary part- and full-time placement. The Placement Department maintains complete records of all graduate employment activities.

Although Southwest University of Visual Arts cannot by law guarantee placement, considerable efforts are made to assist each graduate in seeking related employment. High placement statistics are the result of Southwest University of Visual Arts’ successful curriculum focused on preparing graduates for professional art and design careers.