Master of Fine Arts

Accept the challenge to do something extraordinary.

SUVA’s unique 2-year Master of Fine Arts program allows students to customize their course of study, linked to their individual career goals.

MFA students work closely with faculty mentors to clarify their vision for the future and develop the reasoning skills forward-thinking artists need to stand out from the crowd. Students from all disciplines converge weekly in interdisciplinary seminars to discuss ideas, share their work, and provide feedback to each other.

Inspiring Others Through Art and Design

SUVA’s Master of Fine Arts program is designed to teach students how to develop ideas that inspire their audience to feel, think, and act a certain way. In the Graduate Studio course, students create artwork independently with guidance from a faculty mentor. They bring their works in progress to the Graduate Seminar course to receive feedback and learn how to influence others through art and design. Students also discuss concepts relevant to their studio practice in a wide range of Special Topics courses. Upon completion of the MFA program, students demonstrate their ability to influence others through art and design by presenting their work in the Thesis Exhibition.

Learning Environment

MFA students enjoy personal space as well as excellent common facilities at the college. Graduate students have exclusive, 24-hour access to the graduate center, which contains semi-private studios assigned to each student, computers with state-of-the-art software, wide-format Epson printers, drawing tables, kitchen facilities and restrooms.

In addition to the graduate center, students in the MFA program have access to the following common facilities:

  • Black-and-white darkroom
  • Wood and metal fabrication shops
  • Printmaking studio
  • Sound booth

Areas of Emphasis

Graphic Design
Motion Arts
Painting and Illustration

MFA Graduation Path

  YEAR 1
  SEMESTER 1 Courses   Credits
  GR525 Graduate Seminar        4
  Graduate Studio        5
  Creativity & Visual Thinking (Required)        3
  Special Topics Course*        3
  *See catalog for Special Topics course offerings.

Total Credits   

  SEMESTER 2 Courses   Credits
  GR540 Graduate Seminar        4
  GR545 Graduate Studio        5
  Special Topics Course*        6

Total Credits   

  YEAR 2
  SEMESTER 3 Courses   Credits
  GR625 Graduate Seminar        4
  GR630 Graduate Studio        5
  GR635 Exhibition & Project Management        3
  Special Topic Course*        3

Total Credits   

  SEMESTER 4 Courses   Credits
  GR640 Graduate Seminar        4
  GR645 Graduate Studio        8
  GR650 Professional Self-Promotion        2
  GR655 Thesis Exhibition        4

Total Credits   

Master Of Fine Arts   


     63 Credits

  MASTER OF FINE ARTS                                                                                                                    GE DISCLOSURE