Majors & Minors

After you complete your foundation courses, at the end of your Freshman year at SUVA, you're ready to choose your major program of study. Your major is the central focus of the work you do for your Bachelor's degree. Students in a major program become familiar with the intellectual boundaries of a discipline, study particular aspects of that discipline in depth, and develop specialized skill sets.

If you’re undecided about your major or minor, but have an idea of the career you’re interested in pursuing, let us know. Our Student Services department can help you decide on a program that leads you to your vision for the future.

Please contact a SUVA Admissions or Student Services representative to find out more about selecting a dual major or a minor in one of the programs offered at Southwest University of Visual Arts.

Declaring a Major

In order to choose the best major for you, it is important to remember that your choice of major affects your choice of career after college. For many SUVA students, career options are determined as much by what they do outside the classroom as by what they learn inside the classroom. For example, adding extracurricular work and gaining hands-on experience in your major course of study will have a strong impact on the career choices available to you. As in many other things, you will probably find that the most rewarding and engaging major will be the one best suited to your talents and interests.

We trust that you have had exposure to your options in your Foundation courses, but if you need more information prior to choosing a major, please make an appointment to meet with a member of the Faculty or a SUVA Student Services representative.

Once you decide on a major, please fill out SUVA’s Declaring a Major form and turn it into SUVA’s Registrar by July 1, 2015, or make an appointment with a Student Services representative to facilitate the process.

Declaring a Minor

SUVA students are encouraged to increase their employment marketability by choosing a minor program of study. Students choosing a minor understand the value of educational breadth and realize the benefit of developing more in-depth and well-rounded knowledge of one particular topic.

Declaring a minor at SUVA is easy. Simply review the options available and decide what area is both interesting to you and can enhance your major course of study. If you’d like more information, you can make an appointment to meet with a Student Services representative.

Students pursuing a minor must earn between 16 and 18 credits. All minors are offered during summer terms and can be completed in two summers.