General Education

About our General Education classes

Our General Education curriculum encourages individual growth through participation and cultivation of knowledge and experiences.

Our courses are designed to provide students a solid foundation in liberal education and challenge them to use their imagination. The curriculum is structured to motivate the human mind to explore new ideas and integrate new concepts with previous knowledge. The faculty uses diverse teaching methods to assist students in becoming skillful problem solvers and professional communicators.

Core Faculty:

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  • Entry requirements

    The curriculum challenges students to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become self-directed learners. Classes are structured to create a dynamic learning experience. The nature of the curriculum requires an increased effort from the students as they progress through their degree program, and academic freedom challenges the students to become independent members of a global society.

    Students are required to take a total of 15 Universal Foundation credits:

    • Concepts through History I (A/D-G101)
    • Concepts through History II (A/D-G105)
    • Narrative Design (A/D-G106)
    • Voice and Vision (A/D-G201)
    • English Composition (A/D-G202)

    Core Courses must be taken prior to the completion of 60 credits.

  • Classes

    Students are required to take a total of 27 Upper Level credits.

    Arts/Humanities (12 credits required/2 disciplines)

    Art History

    • Art and Design Concepts Prehistoric to 3rd Century (GE301)
    • Art and Design Concepts 4th to 13th Centuries (GE302)
    • Art and Design Concepts 14th to 17th Centuries (GE303)
    • Art and Design Concepts 18th and 19th Centuries (GE304)
    • Art and Design Concepts 20th and 21st Centuries (GE305)
    • Art and Design Concepts of Non-Western Art (GE306)
    • Art and Design Concepts Hispanic/Native American Art (GE307)*
    • Philosophy and Theory of Art (GE308)
    • American Art and Society (GE309)
    • Gender Studies in Art (GE310)*
    • 20th Century Art and Cinema (GE311)
    • Independent Research (GE400)


    • American History (GE320)


    • Introduction to Philosophy (GE321)
    • The Great Philosophers (GE322)


    • English/Reading Prep (GE099)
    • Introduction to Poetry (GE323)
    • Creative Writing (GE324)
    • Text and Image (GE329)


    • Literature (GE325)
    • Literature of Comic Books and the Graphic Novel (GE326)
    • Literary Classics (GE327)
    • World Literature (GE328)*
    • In the Beginning: World Creation Stories (GE339)

    Business Education (3 credits required)

    • Professional Practices (GE350)

    Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits required)

    • Psychology (GE330)
    • Social Issues (GE331)
    • Sociology (GE332)
    • Popular Culture (GE333)
    • Ethics and Social Responsibility (GE334)
    • Environmental Psychology (GE335)
    • Psychology of Creativity (GE336)
    • Psychology of Influence (GE337)
    • Human Geography (GE338)*

    Math (MA)/Science (3 credits required)

    • Astronomy (GE340)
    • Ecology (GE341)
    • College Algebra (GE342)
    • Financial Principles and Practices (GE343)
    • Biology (GE344)
    • Trigonometry (GE345)
    • Geometry in Art (GE346)
    • Diversity and Global Studies (3 credits required)*
    • Art and Design Concepts Hispanic/Native American Art (GE307)
    • Gender Studies in Art (GE310)
    • World Literature (GE328)
    • Human Geography (GE338)

    Please Note

    *Incoming students will take an English Placement test to determine placement in English composition courses.

Undergraduate programs

We offer a range of art and design programs at SUVA