Universal Foundations Program

SUVA’s Foundation Courses teach you to see, feel, and communicate in different ways so you can create impactful, meaningful art and design.

At SUVA, you take Foundation Courses with a cohort – a group of other creative, like-minded, individuals. You learn with, and from, each other as you work through the courses together.

In the first year at SUVA, you explore all the ways you can bring your imagination to life so you can discover and develop your own unique creative vision.

Universal Foundation Courses are required for all first-year students. Freshmen must complete all Foundation Courses prior to advancing to their major courses.


  YEAR 1
  FRESHMAN 1 Courses   Credits
  A/D101 Concepts through History I        3
  A/D102 Spatial Dynamics        4
  A/D103 Design Solutions I        3
  A/D104 Drawing I        4
  A/D105 The Power of Why I        1

Total Credits   

  FRESHMAN 2 Courses   Credits
  A/D115 Concepts through History II        3
  A/D116 Narrative Design        3
  A/D117 Design Solutions II        3
  A/D118 Drawing II        4
  A/D119 The Power of Why II        1

Total Credits  

  YEAR 2
  SOPHOMORE 1 Courses   Credits
  *A/D203 Creative Thinking        4
  A/D201 Voice & Vision (Required)        3
  A/D202 English Composition (Required)        3

*Students take studio classes for their majors in conjunction with Creative Thinking.

Total Credits