First Year Experience

About our First Year Experience (FYE) courses

SUVA’s First Year Experience (FYE) teach you to see, feel, and communicate in different ways so you can create impactful, meaningful art and design. At SUVA, you take FYE courses with a cohort – a group of other creative, like-minded, individuals. You learn with, and from, each other as you work through the courses together. In the first year at SUVA, you explore all the ways you can bring your imagination to life so you can discover and develop your own unique creative vision. FYE courses are required for all first-year students. Freshmen must complete all FYE courses prior to advancing to their major courses.

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First year of all undergraduate programs

Core Faculty:

Camden Hardy
Carly Zufelt
Lisa Larrabee
Erika Johnston


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How we work with our students in our First Year Experience courses

As an Artist, you use the natural patterns and elements in the universe to express ideas that impact how people feel. Think of how it would feel to make a difference in the world by bringing your imagination to life using a wide variety of mediums including sculpture, print, painting and drawing. Imagine how you would feel having your work displayed in public galleries, publications or private collections.

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