Community Art Program

Since everyone in our community can benefit from learning how to solve problems and create meaning, the Community Art Program offers non-degree enrichment and professional development courses in creative visual art and design. Courses range from general open-studio type courses with minimal instruction, to the study of specific skills and topics, taught by degreed professionals who are active in their fields. Classes are designed to encourage interaction among all participants.

The program will include people of diverse age groups and abilities discovering meaning and improving their art-making skills in a supportive environment which nourishes creativity and achievement. It will expand SUVA’s influence in our community and our world, and contribute art and meaning to our culture. Some students may even decide they want to enroll in SUVA’s degree programs, which is certainly something we would welcome.

The program’s community focus will help us draw attention to our new status of not-for-profit, increasing and improving the community’s perception of SUVA. It will also infuse SUVA with fresh voices and provide additional resources to help us achieve our mission.

All of this is consistent with SUVA’s mission, which includes “the highest standards of…creativity and citizenship in a diverse world community,” and with our vision of becoming a “leader in Higher Education in the fields of Art and Design.”

For more information, please call us at 520-325-0123 (Tucson) and 505-254-7575 (Albuquerque).