Application Materials

What you need to apply to SUVA

The following application materials will be required to apply to study at Southwest University of Visual Arts:

Application form/fees

Due to the financial constraints brought on by COVID-19, we are waiving our $25 application fee for all applications.


Your essay is evaluated on writing style, content, organization, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling. Please submit a 5-7 paragraph typed essay on the following topic:

Other than earning a degree in art and design, what do you want to accomplish as a result of attending SUVA?

Official transcripts

High school graduates must submit transcripts with cumulative grade point average (GPA) or proof of diploma indicating date of high school graduation.

General Education Development (GED) recipients must submit GED certification with corresponding scores. Based on additional education or life experience, high school transcripts or GED scores may not be an accurate indication of basic ability. Therefore, Southwest University of Visual Arts provides the opportunity for applicants to take an academic assessment to determine appropriate placement in required coursework.

Applicants with a bachelor’s or graduate degree are required to submit BOTH official college transcripts and official high school transcripts.

ACT/SAT or placement test scores

Applicants are required to submit ACT or SAT test scores unless the applicant has earned a bachelor’s or graduate degree or has college transcripts indicating success in academic subjects. Applicants who have not previously taken one of these standardized tests may take the ACT residual test or a placement exam offered at Southwest University of Visual Arts.


Candidates for all undergraduate programs are encouraged, but not required, to submit examples of their work for consideration. Slides, photocopies (color or black/white), photographs or digital files are accepted.

Admissions appointment

Applicants may meet with a SUVA Representative in person or by phone. To arrange an application appointment, call (520) 325-0123.