Alumni Information

Our Alumni are Living Their Dreams! Southwest University of Visual Arts alumni are using the skills they learned at SUVA to prove they have what it takes to have a successful careers in art and design. Our alumni have started their own design companies, exhibit their art work across the nation and are working in the field for some notable companies, for example: Nike, Disney, Valve, Google, Riot! Games, Boom Studios, Warner Brothers, Raytheon, Super 88 Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Aristocrat Gaming and more.

Many graduates of Southwest University of Visual Arts undergraduate programs report to SUVA representatives that they have continued their education by enrolling after recently graduating in Masters, Masters of Fine Arts programs and/or have sought out other professional development opportunities in addition to their undergraduate degree. Examples of MA and MFA degrees SUVA alumni have pursued are Masters in Art Education and Art Therapy or Masters of Fine Arts in Painting, Graphic Design, Photography and Motion Arts.

The success of our alumni makes us proud and we look forward to future successes!