Student gallery

Exemplary student artwork is chosen each semester and displayed in our Student Gallery. Artwork from all disciplines and a variety of levels (freshman through senior) is included. Selections from Animation can be viewed here.

  • Skin, Flesh and Bone, Madi Johnson
  • Photography Minor II, Joey Escobar
  • Sculpture 300 "Fragile Mortality", Tyler Otero
  • Spatial Dynamics, Ben Valle
  • Skin, Flesh and Bone, Rin Salkind
  • Sculpture 300, Tyler Otero
  • Weirder Art History, Tyler Otero
  • Spatial Dynamics, Angelica Torres
  • Skin, Flesh and Bone, Leopoldo Kempton
  • Photography Minor II, Samantha Petruska
  • Printmaking Beyond, Ily Martinez
  • Photography Minor I, Hannah Poarch
  • Printmaking 200, Hannah Poarch
  • Sculpture 300 'Happily Ever After', Anna Nitka
  • Photography Minor I, Humberto Martinez
  • Weirder Art History, Anna Nitka

Florence Quater Gallery

A variety of artwork is displayed in our Florence Quater Gallery. This formal gallery space is used for both undergraduate and Master's Thesis exhibitions, faculty shows featuring artwork as professionals in their fields, and juried exhibitions of artists from across the country.