Ren Adams

Adams is an intermedia artist who works with video, experimental photography, installation, performance and sound. Her concept-heavy bodies of work often deal with the relationship between media, memory and trauma—and she is interested in the deconstruction of self as it encounters media, especially the wonderful, terrible sublime of remixed anxiety and media avatars.

She has an MFA in Visual Art from Lesley University College of Art & Design (Cambridge, MA) and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of New Mexico, with honors. Adams exhibits internationally and regularly publishes art, poetry and critical writing. She's also a UC Berkeley Alumni Scholar, a frequent visiting artist, lecturer, juror and VJ. Adams actively participates in collaborative projects and co-hosts the Mad Lab experimental cinema/video art night at Guild Cinema with Beth Hansen. She is also part of the L.O.A. collective, which operates fourteenfifteen gallery and she co-coordinates Secret Gallery, a social art engagement.

Her recent solo exhibitions and video/audio collaborations include do you recall with James Lawrence, Will you (ever) Remember us? and June Haunting with Dave Parley of PrayersSpace Prom with KAREN, Will You Remember us (in this Half-Life)?Space Disco (2019), Twilight Sleep (2018), Channeling – Televisual Memory and Media SéanceZero Hour, and Poppy Receding (2017) and Whitespace-Bluespace - Televisual Memory and the Implied Catastrophe (2016). Recent performances include: A Message from the Hidden with John Morgan, UnearthingFace me in this Ruin (multiple) and Watch us Get Hurt (multiple) (2018-20). Recent group exhibitions include: Collaborative S+V, Fun-a-Day 2020, Mad Lab Experiment 5 (2020), Altar, Basement Films 15h Annual A/V Show, Mad Lab Experiments 1 - 4, BigTiny 2019, Resilience Colloquium 4, New Electron SalonMemory (Ruin), Fun-a-Day, The Divination Show (2019).  Recent publications include: Process, The Bombay Gin, e-ratio, The Hand Magazine, Fickle Muses (2017-19).

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    Core faculty
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    MFA in Visual Arts, Lesley University College of Art and Design
    BFA in Studio Art, University of New Mexico,

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  • Ren Adams, Shut out no longer look
  • Ren Adams, What is the color of your heartbreak
  • Ren Adams, I find I am never
  • Ren Adams, I am not your 1
  • Ren Adams, Do you recall (video still)

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