Chris Anthony

Tucson, Arizona based visual artist, Chris Anthony, originally a graphic designer by trade since 2000, has been honing his fine arts skills as a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and photographer for the past several years. Making the cross over from design work to conceptual art, Chris’ evolution as an artist has created an opportunity for him to meld all his artistic skills and training into a synthesis of his love and passion for both design and fine art. Chris’ work draws inspiration from the duality with in ourselves – the internal conflict between ourselves and our external influences - and concentrates on creating an accessible and relatable link between the viewer’s own personal experiences and the experience he or she is having with his work. Chris facilitates a reflection on how we are influenced by outside sources and how those influences affect who we are and how we influence and affect those around us.

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    Support faculty
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    MFA, Southwest University of Visual Arts, 2019
    BFA, Southwest University of Visual Arts, 2017
    Associate of Art in Advertising, Southwest University of Visual Arts, 2000

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